100% love it


    • Scott
      Scott Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Ridiculous Price, Amazing Place
      Ok, so first off, this place is stupidly expensive. If you judge it by any sort of value for money, you\'ll be disappointed. We let that go and had one of our most memorable dinners ever. Bouillabase and an amazing view is why you come here. It\'s right on the shore. Our waiter came over with 5 whole fish and a whole lobster, then prepared the fish to put it in the stock for the soup. that\'s a lot of food for two, but it was amazing. For dessert, it was beignets and jam. They tried to sell us two orders, but we figured we\'d share one - it was still like a dozen beignets. The jam is in these giant jars that they bring to the table. They claim their grandmother is the only one that knows the recipes and makes it in these jars at home. The jam had odd flavors like tomato jam and a few standards too. I can still picture the place, the waiter, the food -- I highly recommend it for an experience. When we went, they only took cash, so bring boatloads.